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when investigating why a person may be a missing link is sometimes hormones so what I’d like to do in this lecture is I would like to have a look hormones I’d like to look at how they run I’d like to look at what throws them out and then I’d like to finish by showing you how you can bring back to balance but let me begin by going through some of the symptoms of a person having hormonal imbalance frizzy male some of the symptoms may be a girl getting her periods at a very young normal is  to  but you hardly ever hear of that today a lot of girls are getting their periods at   years of age there is something wrong for.

a child gets her periods at such a young age another symptom of a girl having a hormonal. the imbalance is very heavy periods very painful periods also pre menstrual tension painful breasts some other symptom a little bit more severe might be endometriosis cysts on the ovaries fibroids in the uterus cysts in breast cancer uterine cancer also depression heart disease these are some of the symptoms of hormonal imbalance what about in.

the imbalance is very heavy periods every women’s health clinic painful periods also pre menstrual tension painful breasts some other symptom a little bit more severe might be endometriosis cysts on the ovaries fibroids in the uterus cysts in breast cancer uterine cancer also depression heart disease these are some of the symptoms of hormonal imbalance what about in.

a man in a man a hormonal imbalance can be exhibited by low sperm count also inability to hold an erection often called PDP Nile dysfunctional another symptom may be prostate problems we didn’t know what the word pro statemeant years ago it’s almost household word today, especially for men.

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A center to execute and done it takes three to four years so as I said before we don’t have a comparable entity like it’s easy in India and even if we’re some entities come b-back it’s going to take a long time and one of the strengths of HCG has been a doctor’s read initiative witch doctor says partner so this makes it a very strong entity locally and as well as nationally brand name so we feel at this point we are not really concerned that be back groups coming in with.

The cancer field we will be our position in the dentist marketing dominant and maybe our future plans and vision is certainly you know will continue to dominate oncology care in this countermeasure our growth by rabid a positive we have been a few positive okay for a long time and we do continue to see this growth happening we are at present last quarter we became profitable in terms of fat and we will we see that also being there in the future again you know I am NOT going to go to the specific and comment on that but we very confident.

The vision of which we have started the company my role as entrepreneur and the doctor is to fulfill that vision build a company which will obviously no reward people who are invested in the company-that vision persists and we are on track fulfill that mission another area we look at is what is the other possibility I areas where there are opportunities and need we fire found that fertility areas one where nearly million people required some counseling only, people are seeking advice we went dr.

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Vitamin C is it’s actually based upon has worked on my dad card and others were very high doses of vitamin C are taken by the people who are sick and it helps incredibly in terms of reducing the duration of the sickness and the scenario and so on I can give you my own anecdotal story on high-dose vitamin c and that is that I’ve bio-toxin illness and this is a highly inflammatory process and it really wears down your system it makes it think weaker just across the board I actually foolishly about.

A month ago we had the issue with our septic system  Vitamin and worked out on our synthesis them not knowing you’re not thinking that’s that would be a huge  issue for me which of course it is because what’s growing and yourself to take well a lot of pathogenic bacteria and fungi and it’s the fungi to the toxins actually that are given off by fungi that can be highly problematic for me and I got really sick throwback to a few years ago when I was incredibly from is really really bad body aches and pains just completely debilitated I could just lay around all day basically and that’s the best that I could do and I thought that I would get better when on my protocol of clearing the toxins and so on taking anything inflammatories and it just wasn’t cutting it and then I had remembered reading about them.

I had remembered reading about the payola vitamin C which is another way to take high doses of vitamin C without a much easier way to take it because I’ll get to in a minute its encapsulated bet but to finish my story I started taking high-dose but you can see I’m taking equivalent of about grams of oral ascorbic acid and live a single form and within a few days I felt fine again I’m going to continue on the high-dose vitamin C I just think it seems to be very helpful to my body for the next couple of weeks by the way I should mention that if you do start dosing up with high-dose vitamin C it’s one of these remedies that I like to try or is very low risk and the potential for reward is very high so those are the type of solutions I especially like to try and like.

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Keeping up great health is essential for ladies as they need to do numerous exercises in the everyday life. Bunches of ladies have been experiencing many sorts of women Health’s Health related issues because of the absence of fundamental vitamins and minerals in the body. Vitamins are imperative and basic elements for the body since they enable the body organs to work appropriately and because of this reason, they have to keep themselves in a decent health. Great quality vitamins enable the ladies in moderating maturing process, to reinforce the safe framework, enhance the vitality levels and furthermore bolster the hormones. In any case, before searching for vitamins, a restorative meeting is extremely fundamental as the medicinal expert will have the capacity to discover the most reasonable vitamins according to the body arrangement and usefulness of indispensable organs.

Doctors can give better direction with regards to the Women’s Health mind as heaps of concentrates women’s health in the medicinal field have demonstrated that the group of ladies needs bunches of hostile to maturing substances which are common and give particular advantages to their health. Crisp products of the soil dependable help in supplementing for the vitamins and minerals required for the body. Aside from vitamins and minerals, ladies additionally require supplements like amino corrosive, cancer prevention agents etc.

Supplements are essential for both the sexes yet a few supplements are uniquely required for Women’s Health since they are much imperative in adjusting their female hormones. The ladies who are in the vicinity of 25 and 45 years old need an additional piece of watch over the upkeep of their great health. Osteoporosis is a noteworthy circumstance in ladies which starts when they achieve 30 years old so an eating regimen of calcium and magnesium supplements and other essential supplements routinely are particularly prescribed to the individuals who accomplish the age of 40.

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The occlusal surface is going to mallard creek Dentistry be the Quizlet third now that you have to remember that tooth is so you can divide the tooth into thirds in several different ways so we can also divide it this way so the middle is always going to be the middle third but now we have to figure out is this going to be.

The buccal lingual oris this going to be mesial distal and I kind of gave it away because we’relooking at buccal e so right here is the buccal surface so that means this has to be either mesial or distal I would highly recommend that you get a type of dot now or a d model or image of a tooth that you can orient to exactly what we’re looking at right now what we’re looking at is a mandibular first molars if you kind of just tore away the cheek we were looking at the buccal surfaces right here so on the other side is going to be the lingual surface so that means this side is going to be the distal and this is going to be the Musial’s end.

The way the reason I know that this is distal is because the root point usually for most teeth the roots point distally so that means this sites gonna be the mesial so now when we if we rotate this degree so now we’relooking at the mesial view the roots not going to change right if we divide the root into thirds there’s still going to be the apical it’s still going to be the middle and it’s floating this cervical same thing you divide a crown this way it’s still going to be occlusal its still gonna be middle and still going to be cervical now the difference is because we’re looking at the musical view let me divide it this way this going to be middle and now this is either going to be lingual or is going to be buccal and this is going to be lingual and this sides going to be the buckle.

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Hair situation here hair regeneration like you have never seen this before Foxwhy scary drew shows us one treatment that lets you use your own blood to grow back your hair take a look the past few years I’ve noticed you know looking in the mirror especially looking at old photo’s mum that my hair was thinning and receding Paul joy says he’s-self-conscious about a section of thinning hair on the back of his head looking in my family um there are some people there.

That won’t have any hair and I know how it progressed for them and I could in a way predict what the future holds for me so Paul did some research Denver hair restoration and came across cosmetic surgeon dr. amia Prasad who specializes in a procedure called hair regeneration we can’t bring back hairs that are gone but we can take hairs are thinning and make them thicker the treatment is unique through the use of the patient’sown blood it generates growth of new hair what we’re using is a material called extracellular matrix and we’recombining this with platelet-rich plasma platelet-rich plasma is derived from your own blood.

we customize theformulation and inject it into the scalpand what seems to occur is a woundhealing mechanism that results from inreversal of hair thing to begin dr.Prasad examines Paul’s head under amicroscope to figure out where theinjections will go this is an area thatwill respond nicely to the treatmentthen Paul gets his blood drawn and thatsame blood will be used for about ahundred injections all over his scalpdr. Prasad says he has perfected this procedure over the past few years and the results have been amazing if there was one solution for male pattern hair loss that’s almost close to a hundred percent in our clinical experience its been doing this hair regeneration treatment the one-time treatment is not as effective for men and women with significant hair loss or those who are totally bald as for Paul he should start to see results in about a month and in a year.

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Room physicians and our psychiatrists,and if it’s something that we feel there’s risk to their life, or that there’s treatment that needs to occur, they’re referred toward the inpatient unit for treatment.KNAPP Okay.Senator Bole, there’s a huge disparity around the state in terms of population and resources,are there some overarching themes that you seen terms of what’s needed to help the situation? SEN. KATE BOLE Sure, as chair of the Mental and Behavioral Health Task Force, we heard from stakeholders ranging from physicians to individuals and family members to folks who run service programs,and some of the themes that.

we heard across the board Tms center were challenges with access, the right service at the right time for the right person isn’t always available, and wait times can be,on average, three weeks.So that can be a significant challenge for someone who’s experiencing challenges with a substance use, or another mental illness or challenge.Other themes included ability to pay,a significant number of people who might have a mental illness or a substance abuse challenge don’t necessarily have access to insurance.

Two other crosscutting themes are work force,we have a lack of work force ranging from licensed mental health therapists to psychologists and psychiatrists, prescribes,which is one of the reasons that folks like Ashley are so valuable.The last piece is on the back end,there’s not always a safe, stable place for someone to go once they have completed treatment,so that supportive housing availability’s a challenge in almost every place in the state.KNAPP And Mel, we’ve talked about the high degree of admissions to your hospital that are either psychosis or related to alcohol or drugs,what’s the overlap between those problems.

And mental health? McNeil Usually, with a mental health patient,when they enter our facility, there is issues relative to drug and alcohol abuse, too,related to their behavioral health issues.Our number one patient population that we treats actually psychosis.The number three in our institutions drug and alcohol related, so they tie closely together. It creates a integrated healthcare company patient population that can sometimes end up on our medical units,because they need treatment for the medical portion of the abuse of drug and alcohol before they can get treatment for their psychosis,so if you look at the overall costs associated with those patients,just their inpatient stay in a behavioral health.


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Breast augmentation is a procedure that is used to enhance the breast often for changes that are either due to genetics meaning a lifelong lack of breast tissue or the changes of pregnancy or motherhood that can often render the breasts smaller or insufficient uncertain areas of the breast of particularly in the upper pole of the breast were often after breastfeeding and having children a woman can lose volume in her breasts there are two main types of imp breast implants that are available today there are saline implants and silicone implants until about two and a half or three years ago the only implants that were widely available were saline implants until in DEFT the Food and Drug Administration re approved silicone gel breast.

Implants for use in cosmetic surgery Denver Breast Augmentation these silicone implants are different from the silicone implants that we knew or years ago in that they’re cohesive gel implants sometimes these implants are erroneously referred to as a gummy bear implant which is commonly used term to describe the gummy consistency of the implant itself but what it really refers to is the cross-linking of the gel of the implant-that creates an implant that when it’s cut in half with scissors or a knife retains its shape in its form although.

These implants are soft and have much the cohesive consistency of breast tissue themselves currently today silicone Denver Breast enhancement implants tend to be a more common implant that many patients at least in my practice will choose to-employ in augmenting their breasts or enhancing their breasts mainly because they feel and look to a certain degree little bit more like breast issues capsize is a challenging.

Terminology to speak of when we talk about breast augmentation or breast enhancement surgery and the reason is because capsize as we all know isn’t standardized across bra manufacturers if you shop atone department store versus another boutique store you may be an a-cup atone and baby at another and yet a see manufacturer and so cup size we walkabout when we talk about breast enhancement in the context of allowing us to have a language.

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we’re gonna cornerstone dental services unlock the cornerstone dental services door turn on the light I’m straining the magazines in the business area we are going to answer or check the messages see if patients call turn on the computer just to check the patient’s unlock the cabinet for the files and organize the business area just make sure it’s clean and nice and then we’re going to do copies of the patients schedules I’m going to post them in the-different treatment rooms okay so after we’re done with the business area we’re going to come to the processing.

lab andin here we’re going replenish any solutions that needed replenish and change the water of the classes with tax we are going to changing into our clinical clothing which is followed by the OSHA guideline sand we are also going to check the patient’s on schedule to see what they’re going to have on for today after we check the patient’s daily schedule cornerstone dental services wear going to prepare the treatment forth for our first patient we’re going to check for any supplies put barriers uncheck if the water service has water okay so we are going to check the chart review it for the patient and we’re going to set up the trays at any lab.

work that that need to be done okay so after the treatment room setting up the treatment we’re going to come to the sterilization shake the solution level sand we are going to have new ultrasonic and disinfectant solutions as well and we are going to prepare any other mediated need to be done for the overnight treat sterilization the Devil. Ramos are ready for you follow merit this way we’re going to be in the anything changed in your medical history no are you still on the same medications anything new all right don’t need your left please move your sleep up thank you okay and place your hand over your dress and cross your legs please okay perfect over is that normal that is perfectibility I’m going to stick to God’s Okayama go do I need to take off my god yes I’ll put them over here for this on the side I can okay okay okay just to let you know.

what we’re going to do is we’re going to do Malcolm on number and that’s your first free ball our first moment on the bottom okay how are you today scared it’s not going to hurt you millwright right all right so will you dismiss the patient you want to make sure is that your evacuate the patient’s mouth also remove any debris that is on the patient and if you’d like let them look in mirror and also you want to make sure to move the light out of the way after that you want to remove the bib and place iron top of the tray that you just used the next thing is to remove the saliva ejector tip the air water syringe tip and the have tip and you also want to make sure that the operators stool and the reestablish and the control.

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As far the front as possible where it’s basically hidden from the front view but just barely afterwards though that scar and behind will always be visible with your arm down your side and unfortunately this start can heal unfavorably and be much more noticeable than other scars and that is definitely something to take into consideration the nerve sensation can also sometimes cause pain after surgery that nerve pain or hypersensitivity can’t happen anywhere but its more common in the arm and sometimes.

It’s bad enough that we actually do treat it it does resolve several people have asked about bleeding and why there’s not more bleeding I’ve used liposuction fluid and that helps constrict the blood vessels to limit the blood loss as you’ve seen if you’ve watched this there’s some areas our bloodier than others but we need to take very good care to stopping any of the bleeding areas as best as possible I’ve checked my marks I’m going to make the excision of tissue for the arm lift and so that scar will be all the way to beamed just past the elbow or a long star we’ve had questions about the length of the scar and a mini arm lift or a short scar arm lift as well as about long versus short start thigh left a long scar harmless is absolutely necessary.

Here because of the excess skin it wouldn’t be possible to do a short straw I’d like to get the arm as small as possible so we’ve done liposuction Denver cosmetic surgery if I make it too tight with the skin though it’ll pucker the skin and that can cause problems patients are a better candidate for a short scar armlet in that case the star is really in the armpit from the front of the armpit to the back of the armpit where we tighten things from above so in this case we’ve done kind sofa shorter scarf thigh lifts and they inner Denver plastic Surgery thigh where it’s inside the grind crease and underneath the buttock or the scar this patient is a candidate for that long scar thigh lift the trade-offs that longer star and he or she is candidate by getting about two-thirds of the benefit so wear the shorts car arm lift and the shorts.