How Cornerstone Dental Services Is Going To Change Your Business Strategies

we’re gonna cornerstone dental services unlock the cornerstone dental services door turn on the light I’m straining the magazines in the business area we are going to answer or check the messages see if patients call turn on the computer just to check the patient’s unlock the cabinet for the files and organize the business area just make sure it’s clean and nice and then we’re going to do copies of the patients schedules I’m going to post them in the-different treatment rooms okay so after we’re done with the business area we’re going to come to the processing.

lab andin here we’re going replenish any solutions that needed replenish and change the water of the classes with tax we are going to changing into our clinical clothing which is followed by the OSHA guideline sand we are also going to check the patient’s on schedule to see what they’re going to have on for today after we check the patient’s daily schedule cornerstone dental services wear going to prepare the treatment forth for our first patient we’re going to check for any supplies put barriers uncheck if the water service has water okay so we are going to check the chart review it for the patient and we’re going to set up the trays at any lab.

work that that need to be done okay so after the treatment room setting up the treatment we’re going to come to the sterilization shake the solution level sand we are going to have new ultrasonic and disinfectant solutions as well and we are going to prepare any other mediated need to be done for the overnight treat sterilization the Devil. Ramos are ready for you follow merit this way we’re going to be in the anything changed in your medical history no are you still on the same medications anything new all right don’t need your left please move your sleep up thank you okay and place your hand over your dress and cross your legs please okay perfect over is that normal that is perfectibility I’m going to stick to God’s Okayama go do I need to take off my god yes I’ll put them over here for this on the side I can okay okay okay just to let you know.

what we’re going to do is we’re going to do Malcolm on number and that’s your first free ball our first moment on the bottom okay how are you today scared it’s not going to hurt you millwright right all right so will you dismiss the patient you want to make sure is that your evacuate the patient’s mouth also remove any debris that is on the patient and if you’d like let them look in mirror and also you want to make sure to move the light out of the way after that you want to remove the bib and place iron top of the tray that you just used the next thing is to remove the saliva ejector tip the air water syringe tip and the have tip and you also want to make sure that the operators stool and the reestablish and the control.