The History of Health And Fitness

Cheers and applause ]In fact, the bill is so unpopular that Trump is now at the point where he’s promising a twist ending.Trump met with the World Series champion Cub sat the White House yesterday.And for some reason, he felt the need to interrupt those festivities and make a vague announcement about the health care bill.-And just to do a little official business,health care is working along very well.We could have a big surprise with a great health care package.So, now they’re happy.

Because that’s what you want when it comes to health care surprises. Surprise!That’s not your X-ray. This is your X-ray.And yes, that’s a sponge I left in there.Double surprise!But if the Cubs found themselves in the unenviable position of standing awkwardly next to Trump while he rambled on about health care,they maybe should have taken their guestroom Cubs pitcher Carl Edwards Jr.

who skipped the meeting.Asked what he would do in D.C.instead of meeting the president, Edwards says…So apparently, he went to the Senate.Shoo! Audience ohs ]Oh![ Cheers and applause ]It’s a apatosaurus.Now, you may be asking, how did the GOP health care billet so unpopular?Well, aside from the actual real-world consequences,which would be devastating for millions of people,there’s also the fact that the president himself,the most visible supporter of the bill,has never been able to articulates convincing case for it.Now, he’s very clear on how he feels about Obamacare.

but every time Trump talks about his bill,he uses the vaguest terms possible and seems at a loss to describe what any of it actually means.Here’s Trump yesterday at a round table event at the White.