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As far the front as possible where it’s basically hidden from the front view but just barely afterwards though that scar and behind will always be visible with your arm down your side and unfortunately this start can heal unfavorably and be much more noticeable than other scars and that is definitely something to take into consideration the nerve sensation can also sometimes cause pain after surgery that nerve pain or hypersensitivity can’t happen anywhere but its more common in the arm and sometimes.

It’s bad enough that we actually do treat it it does resolve several people have asked about bleeding and why there’s not more bleeding I’ve used liposuction fluid and that helps constrict the blood vessels to limit the blood loss as you’ve seen if you’ve watched this there’s some areas our bloodier than others but we need to take very good care to stopping any of the bleeding areas as best as possible I’ve checked my marks I’m going to make the excision of tissue for the arm lift and so that scar will be all the way to beamed just past the elbow or a long star we’ve had questions about the length of the scar and a mini arm lift or a short scar arm lift as well as about long versus short start thigh left a long scar harmless is absolutely necessary.

Here because of the excess skin it wouldn’t be possible to do a short straw I’d like to get the arm as small as possible so we’ve done liposuction Denver cosmetic surgery if I make it too tight with the skin though it’ll pucker the skin and that can cause problems patients are a better candidate for a short scar armlet in that case the star is really in the armpit from the front of the armpit to the back of the armpit where we tighten things from above so in this case we’ve done kind sofa shorter scarf thigh lifts and they inner Denver plastic Surgery thigh where it’s inside the grind crease and underneath the buttock or the scar this patient is a candidate for that long scar thigh lift the trade-offs that longer star and he or she is candidate by getting about two-thirds of the benefit so wear the shorts car arm lift and the shorts.